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Rainbow Tricolor Makeup Base - Up To 75% OFF SALE NOW!

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Swirl your way to perfect skin in one step!
Introducing Rainbow Tricolor Makeup Base ❤❤

This innovative, triple-swirled makeup base instantly primes, color-corrects, brightens, and nourishes your skin for a flawless face.

Our base is filled with 3 color creams (Green, Lavender, Peach) in triple-swirled form, allowing to easily, evenly blend after pumping out. So each pump combines 3 main makeup functions (Reduce redness + Brighten + Conceal), creating a baby-like skin.

Always apply makeup base for long-lasting makeup.

After wearing our base, you can continue your makeup routine confidently.

No more cakey, melting makeup. Your makeup can stay perfect up to 16-hour with strong waterproof & oil-controlling power

How do 3 color creams work?

Green: Instantly neutralizes redness and conceals blemishes & acne
Counteracts sallow undertones for a vibrant, energized look
Brightens, illuminates and helps diminish the appearance of sunspots

Will it harm my skin?

No. The secret formula contains sodium hyaluronate, squalane, purslane extract, and oil-controlling actives. These skin-loving ingredients provide powerful moisturizing, anti-aging & skin regeneration, helping you protect your skin.

Suitable for all skin types including oily, dry, sensitive, or even combination skin types.


  • 3 Creams in 1 Base

Green: Instantly neutralizes redness and conceals blemishes & acne
Lavender: Counteracts sallow undertones for a vibrant, energized look
Peach: Brightens, illuminates and helps diminish the appearance of sunspots

  • One-Step Auto Color Correct

The foundation perfectly blends according to your undertone skin to even out and color-correct the complexion in one simple step.

  • 16-Hour Wear

Stay your makeup breathable, weightless & flawless up to 16-hour wear with strong waterproof & continuous oil controlling power.

  • Rare Ingredients

The secret formula contains sodium hyaluronate, squalane, purslane extract, and oil-controlling actives. Won't cause any allergy to skin.

  • For All Skin Types

Suitable for normal, dry, oily, combination and sensitive skin types